Jumping Up

Why Your Dog is Jumping

You dog is jumping to get your attention and they keep jumping because it works for them.  You tell them not to jump and then you push them away with your hands but they just keep jumping because to them you are rewarding their behaviour.  Your dog wants to get to your face or the next best thing is your hands.  Talking, looking at or pushing them away actually feeds their need to jump up.  Another common mistake is getting excited when you see your dog, which in turn gets them excited and jumping.

How to Stop the Jumping

The first thing to do is teach your dog to sit so that they have a better way of getting your attention.  Make it the default way of getting attention by always rewarding your dog for a sit even if you have to get off of the couch, walk across the room and give them a pat and praise.

_DSC4147The next thing you need to do when they jump is turn around quickly, put your hands on your shoulders and be quiet.  This will take away their ability to see your face, stop you from using your hands to push them away and rewarding them by being vocal.  If they jump on the back of your legs, take a step forward (away from them) and another if necessary.  If they run around to be in front of you, turn around again and repeat.  When they calm down ask for a sit and when they comply reward them with kibble, pats and praise.

Now you can prevent the jump by turning around when they are coming toward you and are about 6 feet away.  When they stop ask for a sit and reward when they comply.  Once they have that down take the next step by not turning around and when they are coming toward you ask for a sit with a big reward when they comply.

Now tell your family and friends to ignore your dog until they sit and you will have a reliable sit for a greeting instead of all the jumping up.  Always reward your dog for sitting even if you didn’t ask for them to sit.

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