One Session and the Aggression is Gone

On Wednesday Lady (left) and Tazik (right) couldn’t be in the same room unless Tazik was muzzled and on a leash.  When I returned on Friday I walked in and saw them in the same room with no muzzle and Tazik licked Lady’s ear where he had bitten her a few days before.

It doesn’t happen very often but getting rid of aggression in one session is such a great experience I had to share.

Massi Meets Layla

Massi & Layla

Massi & Layla

Massi has good and bad days while I have been working with her, but this was definitely a good day. This is the second time in 2 weeks that we encountered Layla the Chocolate lab on our walk. 2 weeks ago Layla rushed right into Massi’s face but luckily she was wearing her muzzle and we got her settled down pretty quickly.
This time I asked the owner for a more controlled approach and not a face on face meeting and Massi never even flinched, I had the muzzle off within 2 minutes and as you can see from the picture they were siting side-by-side and getting along fine.

Massi was attacked by 2 chocolate labs when she was younger so she wants to attack any dark coloured dog on sight so this progress is excellent.

Thunderstorm Conditioning

It can be very frightening for your dog to experience a thunderstorm. You will notice different behaviour from your dog and it could be anything from barking, whimpering, sniffing the air excitedly or hiding somewhere.

This is not the time to coddle your dog, instead it’s an opportunity to get your dog used to these situations. Classic conditioning is the behaviour modification method I use in most of these situations.

addie-thunderWe are currently boarding Addie, a 9-year-old Coon Hound that is frightened by the sound of thunder. Last night we experienced some thunderstorms and Addie showed signs of anxiety, she went into a large crate we keep in the family room without prompting, staying in there while the door was open. When the thunder starts I condition her by feeding her kibble until the sound stops, when the thunder starts again I start feeding again. It will take more thunderstorms, but she is on her way to feeling less stressed in these situations.

Dog Sense

Jake & Joanne

Its amazing what a dog can sense without any visual cues.  I took Jake and Lucy for a long walk while my wife Joanne had gone out to do some shopping.  After a little over an hour we returned and the dogs were really excited to get home which is unusual.  I didn’t know that my wife had returned because she had put the car in the garage.  When I let the dogs in the house they charged right in and searched for Joanne and found her right away and gave her the full body waggle.

How did they know that she was there?  Did they smell her?  Did they sense that she was there?  Did they feel that I thought she would be home on our return?

Dogs are great at anticipating what we expect of them but they are also amazing creatures that can surprise us with their abilities.