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I had a unique experience with Stella, a chocolate lab, with leash biting.  I have been successful every time with just telling the owner to ignore the behaviour and it will disappear.  It never took more than 2 minutes to fix.  Stella is a 13 month old dog that has very sharp teeth and as I am telling my client to just ignore the leash biting, I look down to see she has almost worked her way through the handle of the leash.

Time to switch gears and try something new.  I brought the leash to her and every time she put in her mouth I moved back and put the leash out of reach.  After about 6 times I came out and attached the bolt to her collar and when she took the leash in her mouth I removed the leash and put it out of her reach.  After 6 times I said lets teach a few more things before we come back to this.

I taught Stella “Watch Me” and “Off” and then went right to the recall exercise which I use the leash to teach and when she put the leash in her mouth I said “Off” and she dropped the leash.

Sometimes our methods don’t work as planned and we have to quickly find another way that will work to accomplice the desired behaviour.



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