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Dog Aggressive Dog: Round 3 

Wednesday Feb 22, 2012

I take my 2 dogs over to be walked with Massi and Gordon.  Massi is the dog-aggressive dog that I am working with to help her trust other dogs again.  On this occasion I am going to not use a muzzle on Massi when she meets with my 2 dogs.  

I took a very short video of meeting, which is not a great video, because I am concentrating on watching for any signs of aggression from Massi, but it will give you an idea of how it went.   

You will see that when Massi tries to rush in to quickly I hold her back twice.  This is not a leash correction, just holding the leash so she can’t rush in.  Then when they are fairly close I let her move in with no tension on the leash so she isn’t anxious or tense.  It works perfectly and there is no aggression and get my 2 dogs hooked up and go for a walk.  We passed 1 barking dog and there was no sign of tension from Massi, just a head turn.



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