Training & Behaviour Modification

interactive doG

Interactive Dog

Dog Aggressive Dog

Dog: Massi, 9 year old blond Husky. Problem Behaviour: Bites other dogs. Possible Cause:  Bitten by another dog about 6 years

Peng the Basenji

We had a Basenji named Peng for day care on Saturday.  An African Barkless Dog that can be an escape

Jake On The Couch

We were looking for a new bed in Costco and they had huge ones and then there was the bed

Dog Sense

  Its amazing what a dog can sense without any visual cues.  I took Jake and Lucy for a long

Pass The Puppy Please

  It’s such a joy to train a 12 week old puppy, they are like a sponge that absorbs everything.

Thunderstorm Conditioning

  It can be very frightening for your dog to experience a thunderstorm. You will notice different behaviour from your

Massi Meets Layla

  Massi has good and bad days while I have been working with her, but this was definitely a good


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